Quality for Quality

What makes a small business successful? And what exactly are the measures for that success? Is it a long list of satisfied and loyal customers willing to repeatedly spend their hard earned money on one’s product, and in turn, recommend the establishment to others? Is it a varied repertoire of high quality, all natural products that cater to all types of customers’ needs? Is it the growth of such crucial elements as product base, staff, customer service, and locations? Or, is it all just a matter of profit? The reality is that in order for a small business to experience success, especially for the long-term, it has to achieve all of the above goals. Just like a Cupcake Junkie recipe, ALL ingredients are required in order to bake the best possible dessert!

When a small business finally experiences the taste of success...much like when a customer bites into a Cupcake Junkie Signature Chocolate Chip Cookie for the first time...it revels in the sweetness and satisfaction. All of the devotion, hard work, money, and sacrifice willingly offered to the ‘Business Gods’ has finally amounted to something tangible.

The fight certainly isn’t over, but this minute sampling of success is certainly enough of a motivator to keep a business owner’s energy flowing and cupcakes baking.

Seeing one’s dream (after much time, blood, sweat, and tears), not only come to fruition, but do so to the great acceptance of its community, is a tremendous and overwhelming feeling. Knowing that others crave what only you can create, is a business owner’s ‘holy grail’. And after years of forfeiture, this clearly discernible step forward gives cause to celebrate. Most people would treat themselves to something sweet….perhaps a celebratory custom made Cupcake Junkie cake...but what is the owner of Cupcake Junkie Bakery meant to do?

Cupcake Junkie Bakery takes great pride in the quality of service and goods that it offers its customers...no matter the cost, time involved in acquiring certain products/staff, and/or the time and money involved in the testing of ingredients and recipes. So it would only seem right that this level of quality extend to all other aspects of the business. And that includes Cupcake Junkie’s delivery service. So, in honour of Cupcake Junkie’s continued growth and development, and to provide its customers with the best service possible, it has acquired a brand new delivery vehicle...one that clearly promotes the business’ edict of ‘high quality’.

When a small business first opens its doors to its chosen community, it fantasizes of acceptance and success. It can take many years of planning, fighting, learning, and changing before this happens, but when it finally does, it is definitely a dream come true. So why not enjoy that success, and let others see the hard earned fruits of your labour??






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