The secret to happiness is…

The secret to happiness is…. perspective. Although that sounds like much too simple an answer for such a complex and complicated topic, it’s true. An individual’s happiness is often determined by his/her perspective. It is a person’s individual beliefs, likes, attitudes, expectations, and tolerance levels that greatly impacts, and in turn determines, the outcome of just about any and every situation.

Let’s explore this rationale with an easily relatable analogy….a chocolate chip cookie. A Cupcake Junkie chocolate chip cookie consists of a very precise list of measured ingredients that are combined in a specific manner, and are baked according to a regimented method. Each cookie is created equal, right down to the ounces it weighs. So why is it then that an individual’s experience eating a Cupcake Junkie chocolate chip cookie can differ? (****PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS PURELY A HYPOTHETICAL EXAMPLE AS EVERYONE LOVES CUPCAKE JUNKIE’S CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!!!!) One person may find the cookie’s soft centre to be a gooey delight, while another person could deem it underbaked. To some, a cookie containing a generous amount of chocolate chunks is perfection, while others may prefer much less. So, depending on one’s perspective, biting into a Cupcake Junkie chocolate chip cookie can either be a heavenly experience, or merely, just an experience. If the cookie is the constant in this philosophical it is created exactly the same each time... differing outcomes can then only be determined by the only other, non-constant, variable….the person who is eating it. Therefore, a person’s experience eating that Cupcake Junkie chocolate chip cookie is determined by his or her perspective.

So, if happiness is perspective, then perspective is... power. Perspective gives people the strength to make decisions, the confidence to chase dreams, the opportunity to enjoy the myriad experiences that life has to offer, the courage to advocate for one’s beliefs, and the ability to pass along positive energy. But perspective is a multi-faceted trait that can also perpetuate negativity. A negative perspective can, just as easily, drive people to hinder both their own dreams, experiences, beliefs, and energy, and those of others. Perspective gives people the power to create and innovate the experiences that determine their lives, and in turn, their happiness.

We all possess the power to affect our own perspectives. Although everyone feels and thinks certain things innately, people also hold the potential for growth and change. Being aware of one’s perspectives, both positive and negative, and how they impact both ourselves and others, is not an easy skill to master, yet it is most certainly a crucial one. If we can achieve this awareness then we can surely guarantee ourselves much more happiness to come. Bite into that Cupcake Junkie chocolate chip cookie and just enjoy!!






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