Depending on one’s personality type, paying attention to the details can be an extremely daunting and challenging task. Although seemingly innocuous, details play a significant part of the whole, wielding the power to thrust a person and/or experience into greatness...or disaster. Those that understand this concept, and possess the ability to see the bigger picture and the role that details play in it, can successfully navigate their way through the intricacies that define a situation. But those that do not possess this skill, wage a continuous war against the details that constantly come back to wreak havoc on their lives.

People, for the most part, can be divided into two categories. The first group consists of individuals that are naturally attuned to the details that define any given situation-both major and minor. These people innately understand the co-dependent relationship that exists between details and outcomes. One must respectfully and artfully co-ordinate the many, many variables that define and determine our personal and professional lives in order to ensure that they don’t hamper one’s success; and more often than not, these individuals are able to do just that.

In direct opposition is the other group of individuals, who, despite their best efforts and intentions, just can’t seem to master the art of detail management. To these people, details are both cunning and elusive; constantly emerging and multiplying, creating numerous obstacles that relentlessly threaten their process, and ultimately, their end goal. These people exist in a constant state of bewilderment because no matter how hard they fight for control, the details always manage to outwit and outmanoeuvre them. Important items are neglected, problems arise, setbacks occur, and multiple attempts at tasks are often required before forward movement can finally be secured. Success can be achieved for this group of individuals...but at what costs to their physical and mental states?

Negotiating life as a member of group #2 isn’t easy. Details are a prevalent component of every day, so there is absolutely no way of avoiding them. Managing the details of one’s personal life can be costly, mainly in terms of feelings and emotions; of both the individual and his/her loved ones. It isn’t easy, but there tends to be a large learning curve and wide berth of forgiveness when one comes to the interactions between friends and family.

Managing the details of one’s business, on the other hand, is an entirely different, and much more unforgiving challenge. Just like in one’s personal life, the details involved in operating a small business are abundant and free-flowing. However, unlike family and friends, employees, suppliers, customers, health inspectors, the bank, and the government (to name just a few) are not emotionally invested in one’s well-being, nor do they care about one’s ultimate success or failure. Each person or group possesses its own agenda and expects that the details governing that relationship will be treated with the utmost seriousness and respect. If any details become neglected, and that connection is breached, significant problems will undoubtedly arise, with no regard for a learning curve or forgiveness. The bank doesn’t care why a loan repayment was late... the health inspector doesn’t think twice about shutting down a small business for a minor violation....and a customer won’t hesitate to post a scathing review on social media when one’s purchase doesn’t meet his/her expectations. If details are overlooked in business it can lead to severe complications that can not only result in a loss of time and money, but also, a significant hit to one’s reputation in the community. The stakes are high and the details know the score.

Details permeate all aspects of life; they are constant and unrelenting, and there is absolutely no way of avoiding them. Although seemingly small components of the larger life picture, details are capable of great impact...both positive and negative. And if you are a person who struggles with detail management, this balancing act is an exhausting endeavour. Always worrying that something will slip between the cracks...always working hard to prevent that from happening...but more often than not, dealing with the backlash of a detail unintentionally neglected. Commanding the sum of details that govern one’s personal life and/or business is a constant battle...and definitely one that the detail-challenged constantly strive to survive.






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