Let the Sun Shine In!

As we cautiously peer outside our ice-capped windows on this mid-April day, one can’t help but wonder when, or if, Spring will ever arrive. With dreams of sunshine and warmth blanketing our bodies, rather than ice pellets, snow, and rain, we desperately hold on to the hope that Spring will indeed unleash her best efforts soon, overpowering and debilitating Winter’s last and brutal attempt at intimidation. Listening to the ice pelting against our roofs and window panes, we can’t help but optimistically close our eyes and dream of double digit temperatures and clear, blue skies. As difficult as it is, we attempt to ignore these unwanted sounds, and the weather we have no choice but to tolerate, and instead, focus all of our senses on the weather we so desperately desire and need. Visions of sunny days, sandals, and sunglasses calm us, bringing some peace to our frustrated minds and vitamin E depleted bodies. Thoughts of long walks on warm afternoons, play dates at the park, and scoops of our favourite ice cream flavours at Cupcake Junkie gives us the strength we need to persevere past this most awful day. We desperately hold on to these snapshots in our minds, believing with all of our conviction, that they will soon become our reality. As Canadians, we acknowledge the nature of our environment. Canada has four seasons. That is the deal and we not only acknowledge it, but happily accept it. We understand that a season or two of difficult weather is worth the lives we are able to live in a country like ours. So in turn, we welcome winter; we embrace all that it has to offer because we know that it is a small price to pay....and that in three months or so, all of these difficulties will be done. That is why a day like today...a weekend like our current one....in mid-April....feels like nothing more than a complete and utter breach of trust. By this point in our year we’ve paid our winter dues and have rightfully earned our Spring. Yet despite what we deserve, what we yearn for so desperately, and what we are trying so adamantly to summon, we have no choice but to deal with Winter’s current, and hopefully last, temper tantrum of the year. As Canadians we will weather this storm as we do all of our challenges, and in the end, come out better for the experience. That’s just what we, as Canadians, do. And until then...we will continue to dream of sunny skies, warm breezes, wearing t-shirts, and Cupcake Junkie ice cream cones. We will continue to hold on to these reassuring snapshots in our minds and let them comfort us until the weather we have earned finally arrives.






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