Building A Dream-Part 2

For more than fifteen years Sean Aronson dutifully focused his skills and work ethic on advancing various Internet Technology departments for one of Canada's most prominent financial institutions. Earning performance accolades, promotions, and the respect of both his peers and superiors was more than enough recompense to keep Sean motivated and innovative in his field.

If one were to ask Sean about the single, most valuable reward he has earned throughout all of his years at the bank, he would, without hesitation, declare it the knowledge he has acquired on how to successfully operate a business. Sean would then humbly express his immense gratitude to the bank for affording him the experiences that have allowed him to develop the essential tools required to turn his dream into the successful business that it is.

Ever since Sean was a child he dreamed of one day, owning his own business-of creating something special and unique that would ultimately lead to a strong and proud legacy. This dream evolved naturally as Sean grew up hearing the legendary stories of his grandfather's tremendous business acumen and watching his own father create a multi-million dollar venture from nothing. Even at a young age Sean listened, observed, and learned all about the intricate details of the business world. And as the years advanced, so did Sean's constitution. Even the ultimate demise of his family's businesses couldn't deter Sean from believing in his dream. He merely looked at these losses as learning opportunities, and in turn, they served to intensify both his passion and work ethic.

Despite becoming someone else's employee straight out of university, and remaining someone else's employee for over fifteen years, Sean never lost sight of his goal. He remained patient, working diligently to develop the knowledge and skills that he knew he would need one day when the right opportunity to start building his own dream presented itself.

It didn't take much time or consideration for Sean to realize that the right opportunity had finally arrived when Jessica announced her plans to expand her basement bakery. It would clearly take a tremendous and unprecedented amount of hard work and sacrifice, but Sean had never considered anything less when it came to building his dream. Completely invested, in all aspects possible, Sean was convinced that as long as he and Jessica remained determined and willing to work exceptionally hard, they could not only build their shared dream, but build it to grow and last.

After four long, painstaking years Cupcake Junkie still stands strong at 404 Brock Street South in Whitby. Although Sean's physical presence on the premises is limited to weekends, as reality requires him to continue his salary-earning efforts at the bank Monday through Friday, his dedication and commitment to the bakery is nothing less than 100%. Whether it's phone calls, emails, research, marketing, advertising, and\or strategizing at home in the evenings, Sean is constantly and consistently focused on the business whether he is on location or not. Sean never stops working on his dream because he understands that "dreams don't work, unless you do!"-Unknown.






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