Building a Dream - Part 1

“If you don’t build your own dreams someone will hire you to build theirs”.-Anonymous

To many people, the countless odds and severity of risk involved in pursuing one’s own interests is much too intimidating to seriously consider....despite one’s intentions and aspirations. To voluntarily forfeit the securities ensured when working for someone else is often considered a far too scary, and unwarranted, gamble. It isn’t often that an individual is able to push past all of these valid intimidation factors to summon the strength and courage required to follow his/her own dream. But when this does occur, the possibilities are both open and endless.

After devoting their time, talents, and loyalty to supporting one of Canada’s largest financial institutions for over twenty-five years combined, Jessica Kula-Trinier and Sean Aronson decided that is was finally time to pursue their shared dream of building their own business. Frustrated with building someone else’s dream, they were more than ready to start building their own.

For Jessica, the dream began many years before Cupcake Junkie occupied the modest purple house on Brock Street in Whitby. To relieve stress and spoil her roommates during exam periods, Jessica used to bake endless varieties of sweet treats during her university days. Some of Cupcake Junkie’s most popular signature confections were a product of Jessica’s post secondary baking experiments. And as anyone who has ever sampled a Cupcake Junkie product can imagine, Jessica’s treats quickly became a hot commodity throughout her residence and program.

Pleasing her friends with something as easy and enjoyable as baking only encouraged Jessica to continue her efforts. In no time at all word, and baked goods, quickly spread throughout all areas of Jessica’s life, and before she realized what had happened, Jessica was baking her decadent desserts for all of her friends and family, and their friends and families. Requests were being made for parties, gatherings, get togethers, and honestly....for no good reason at all. Everyone wanted what only Jessica could create. In turn, Jessica had unwittingly created both a fan base and a business.

Already employed and earning a dependable salary with benefits, Jessica was convinced that baking could be nothing more to her than a relaxing and enjoyable hobby. For many years Jessica continued to fulfill her loved one’s dessert requests, feeling more than satisfied with their smiles and words of thanks and appreciation.

For more than a decade Jessica’s life continued in this manner....working for a large corporation to pay the bills and baking during her free time to soothe her soul and please the people she loved. But then one day, everything suddenly changed. After ten solid and successful years with the same company, Jessica was laid off. At first, with bills to pay and two daughters to care for, Jessica and her husband were obviously concerned. But in the end, what happened to Jessica became a blessing in disguise.

Free from the confines of the corporate world, and with nothing holding her back, Jessica was able to re-evaluate her professional life. It was only then that she was also able to recognize, and admit, that baking had always been, and still was, much more than just a hobby. No longer willing or content to ignore her dream, Jessica decided to pursue it. With what little money they had, and her husband’s superb contracting skills, Jessica’s basement was transformed into the home of KulaCakes...a small, yet determined custom bakery.

With a renewed sense of purpose, and now doing what she loved for a living, Jessica was unstoppable. Although the next three years tested her limits....building a business, running a home, and caring for her young daughters and husband proved to be the most challenging of balancing acts, it was also one that Jessica was prepared to achieve. Despite extreme exhaustion and tremendous sacrifice, Jessica persevered. In just a few short years Jessica was able to build a thriving business from nothing. KulaCakes not only had a large and loyal customer base, but was ready to move beyond just Jessica and her basement.

It’s simply amazing how far hard work, dedication, and sheer willpower goes when it’s focused on building one’s own dream, rather than on building someone else’s.






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