Married, Sort Of

If you’ve frequented Cupcake Junkie Bakery then you have most certainly met the owners-Jessica Kula-Trinier and Sean Aronson. Proud co-creators and proprietors of what they have coined a ‘family run’ business, one might easily assume, and many have, that Jessica and Sean are not only joined in business, but also in matrimony. Although complimentary to each other in every business related way, Jessica and Sean are married, but to other people. Their ability to rely on each other’s strengths, compensate for the other’s weaknesses, communicate effectively, and work diligently to build something of pride and value to the community is clearly the basis for this reasonable assumption.

As business partners Jessica and Sean are devoted to one another and to providing quality service, products, and a locale that makes customers feel welcomed, spoiled, and satisfied.

Cupcake Junkie Bakery actually began several years before the shop opened its doors to the town of Whitby and its surrounding areas in April 2014. Originally named KulaCakes, Jessica ran the business out of her basement spending every possible minute of each day either baking, decorating, promoting, selling, and/or delivering her products-while also raising her two young daughters and running her home.

After working for more than ten years for one of Canada’s largest financial institutions, both in Toronto and the Cayman Islands, Jessica decided to finally follow her dream of starting her own custom bakery. It certainly wasn’t easy, demanding a tremendous level of hard work and financial sacrifice, but Jessica persevered. With quality products and service Jessica was able to establish a substantial customer base. After several years, the only component to success that KulaCakes lacked was a proper, feasible location.

After completing a small business program supported by the town of Whitby, Jessica began looking for an investor to assist in the implementation of the next phase of her business plan-moving her business out of her basement and into a storefront. And that was when and where Sean entered the situation.

Having known one another for many years prior, as Sean’s wife was, and still is, Jessica’s best friend, a mutual respect and shared dream of running one’s own business had long since been established between the two. And having experienced the food industry in previous family ventures, in addition to possessing a strong aspiration to build something of his own, Sean immediately recognized that a partnership with Jessica was both a natural and prudent outcome for this exciting business opportunity.

After many months of research, brainstorming, collaboration, bank visits, time with realtors, signing document after document, and difficult decision making, KulaCakes, run out of Jessica’s basement, officially transformed into Cupcake Junkie Bakery, now located at 404 Brock Street South, in Whitby.

It has been more than four years since Jessica and Sean formed their partnership, co-creating all that constitutes the current Cupcake Junkie Bakery. Throughout this time both have devoted all that they have to the growth and wellness of their ‘baby’. So it is most reasonable to assume, when walking through the front door and watching the owners in action, that this labour of love is unquestionably more than just a shared business endeavour-but that isn’t because Sean and Jessica are also husband and wife, but simply because they both clearly love where they are and what they are doing.






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