Happy Valentine's Day

Despite its intent, Valentine's Day can be a very tricky holiday. There are endless gift-giving possibilities and one can easily make a mistake when choosing the right one for his/her valentine. Cards, chocolates, candy hearts, flowers, sexy treats, jewelry.....the list is endless.

Being the romantic soul that I am I have always favoured Valentine's Day over the other mainstream holidays. As a child I spent hours choosing and then addressing individual valentine cards to all of my friends, anxiously anticipating our exchanges. As a teenager, as every Valentine's Day approached, I dreamed that the cute boy I had a crush on at the time would go to great lengths to prove his love for me, lavishing me with the holiday's traditional gifts of flowers and candy. As a young adult with a boyfriend, I finally got to experience the benefits of Valentine's Day first hand. And then, over the course of many years....and many boyfriends...I learned, and experienced, just how tricky celebrating Valentine's Day could be. Some years the boyfriend du jour got it right and I didn't, and some years I got it right and he didn't. And some years we both got it very, very wrong.

And then I met and married my husband. Even after years of dating and marriage my husband and I continued to struggle with finding just the right balance of effort, gifts, money, and entertainment. It wasn't until just a few years ago...about 20 years into our relationship...that everything suddenly changed. Three years ago my husband surprised me with a most unexpected, yet absolutely incredible, Valentine's Day present.

Upon opening the gift box I was presented I discovered the most beautiful, special, thoughtful, generous, indulgent, incredibly sweet treat my husband could ever have given me....a Cupcake Junkie chocolate chip cookie cake decorated in purple (my favourite colour) buttercream icing. I kid you not when I admit that my mouth instantly began to pool with saliva. After a quick scan of the personal message scrolled across the width of the heart shaped cookie....something about me being his eternal sweetheart and that he loves me very much...I grabbed the entire cookie, with both hands, and shoved it into my mouth. Nothing had ever tasted so decadently good. I was in heaven. Glancing at my husband, as I inhaled this delectable confection, I could clearly see just how pleased he was with his efforts this time. He was satisfied because I was satisfied.....very, very satisfied!!

From that cookie forth Valentine's Day no longer presented a challenge. As long as my husband continued to provide me with a Cupcake Junkie chocolate chip cookie cake we would both walk away extremely happy and fulfilled!! 😉






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