A Break From Business

Running a successful business is a constant and all-consuming challenge. Time, mental energy, and physical effort remain in a sustained state of overuse, inevitably leading to complete mind and body exhaustion. Even when all parts of the whole run in a seemingly smooth manner, the responsibilities of a business owner can still be overwhelming. Needy and demanding, it is actually the business that runs its proprietor.

And in order for any business to grow and flourish, its owner must not only take care of it, but of him/herself as well. So....being the wife and best friend of Cupcake Junkie’s owners, I believe it my responsibility to ensure that these two extremely hard working, dedicated, and exhausted entrepreneurs indulge in breaks from the business, which both have rightfully earned and desperately need.

Upon much instigation, both husband and best friend agreed to either close or schedule staff at the bakery for several consecutive days over the winter holidays so that a two-family mini vacation could be arranged. With cars packed full of all the necessities-food, alcohol, entertainment, the children, and of course, Cupcake Junkie desserts-we headed up north to the best friend’s beautiful and peaceful cottage.

The hope was that once physically removed from their place of business, the owners would be able to let go of all Cupcake Junkie related stress; relax, and recharge their physical and mental batteries. The plan....good food, good alcohol, good company....seemed infallible. The husband and best friend were going to have and enjoy this quiet time away whether they believed they could manage it or not.

It took a bit of time and encouragement from the spouses and children, but eventually the owners began to relax. The good food was consumed, the good alcohol was imbibed, and the good company was enjoyed. Subsequently, credit should be awarded when it’s due, so I must admit just how impressed the spouses were that all discussion of Cupcake Junkie-including past, current, and future issues-was maintained at an unexpected minimum throughout the first two days of our retreat.

However, being the committed business owners that both the hubby and best friend are, it was clearly unrealistic for the rest of us to expect that this slight measure of detachment could prevail. The cottage life began to work its magic, and as the rest and relaxation continued, so did the Cupcake Junkie conversations. Before we knew it, goals and strategies for the new year had been brainstormed, agreed upon, and implemented. Apparently, you can take the owners away from Cupcake Junkie, but no matter how hard you try to convince them that they need and deserve a break, you can’t take Cupcake Junkie away from its owners.






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