Is Hard Work Enough On Its Own?

Many people dream of owning their own business-of seamlessly combining one’s passion and business acumen to create an ingenious venture that will undoubtedly grow into a thriving financial success. And many people are willing to invest unlimited amounts of time, effort, and money into turning that dream into reality.

I am NOT one of those people! My husband, on the other hand, most certainly is. It has always been my husband’s dream to be his own boss-to eradicate the ceiling cap on success that is synonymous with working for someone else, and to create a legacy that both he and his family could be proud of. Subsequently, my husband has devoted many years to learning what to do, and what not to do, when opening and running a business. Spanning the spectrum of success, he has deconstructed and examined example after example.

So when the opportunity to partner with our best friend (in the expansion of her ‘at home’ specialty bakery) presented itself, my husband felt that he possessed the knowledge to finally chase his dream. A year later, Cupcake Junkie Bakery opened its doors at 404 Brock Street South, in Whitby. Four years after that, Cupcake Junkie’s doors remain wide open.

Over these last four years, through experience, my husband and best friend have learned what it really means to start and grow a successful business. Of course, any new venture must begin with a strong business plan that outlines clear objectives and the various strategies for achieving them. Location, marketing, sales, product, budget-are all essential components in establishing an effective, profitable, and long-lasting operation. However, as my husband and best friend will attest, success demands much, much more.

Hard work is clearly the most basic of requirements-unfortunately, there are no guarantees that working hard will equal success. A strong and balanced staff that compliments management’s vision is also essential. All levels and departments must work together as a cohesive team and utilize effective communication that encourages everyone to perform to the best of their abilities. Furthermore, an appreciated and validated staff (both intellectually and monetarily), who feel invested in the heart of the business, will undoubtedly demonstrate loyalty and an unwavering work ethic. A business owner (or in this case, owners) is not an island. One (or two) can not achieve the goal alone. Acknowledging the need to surround oneself with individuals who possess the skills that you lack, can only make the business stronger.

The bottom line is that there are no short cuts to success-building a thriving business demands much more time, effort, and money than one (or two) could ever plan for. But, if one truly loves what he/she is doing, then the energy, passion, and dedication needed to transform one’s dream into a business success will be present, and in turn, unstoppable. Just ask the owners of Cupcake Junkie Bakery!






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