The Million $$ Dessert

We’ve all been there....tasked with the most demanding and challenging of work projects that will undoubtedly lead to unprecedented hours of manpower, and in turn, a frustrated and fatigued staff. A limited budget, tight deadlines, problems with inconceivable solutions, and pressure from senior management, innately facilitate a stress-filled work environment that can quite easily become counterproductive. It’s easy to become lost in the work, hyper focusing on the end goal while neglecting the process and the people who are fundamental in successfully achieving that goal.

Several years ago my husband found himself in such a predicament, when placed in charge of a monumental IT project for one of Canada’s largest financial institutions....which was notedly, six month behind schedule and millions of dollars over budget. His plan of attack formed quickly-strategically, he knew exactly which changes and implementations were necessary to get the project back on track. The end goal was certainly achievable. The problem however, was in ensuring the maintenance of a productive, healthy staff throughout this formidable undertaking.

My husband was convinced that in order for his team to be as productive and effective as they could be, and he needed them to be, there had to be a balance between work and perk. Subsequently, he devoted a great deal of time to brainstorming the possibilities, in hopes of finding the perfect motivation and reward for his loyal and hard working staff.

Finally relying on his instincts, my husband returned to his team with an abundance of assorted baked delectables from Cupcake Junkie Bakery. From cookies to cupcakes, all manner of sugar preference would be indulged.

The process of recovery was both long and complicated, yet despite all of the challenges they encountered, the team successfully completed the project , both six months ahead of schedule and one hundred and thirty-four million dollars under budget.

To this day my husband attributes this most triumphant outcome to the contributions of Cupcake Junkie. Lavishing his staff with Cupcake Junkie’s heavenly treats made them feel happy and appreciated, which in his opinion, was the key to their success. A happy and appreciated staff can accomplish anything....just like Cupcake Junkie’s desserts!






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