Gift Giving Sensibilities

Some people love to give gifts. These particular individuals thrive on the task, seeing it as a challenge to find the perfect present for the focus of their attention. They never tire, or worry, or second-guess their instincts. I am NOT one of these people. I, in direct opposition, find the process of gift giving quite daunting. Whether it's for friends or family, birthdays or baby showers-no matter who the person or what the occasion, I consistently struggle to confidently complete the mission.

Just like those that excel at giving gifts, I endeavour to find something that the recipient will desire and appreciate. However, my intentions undoubtedly meet resistance when other variables are taken into consideration.

I see it as a balancing act, really. On one side of the scale are the wants of the person I'm trying to please. Obviously, these take precedence. But at the same time, I also can't disregard my own wants-the desire to find the perfect gift-one that reflects just the right combination of thought, care, and generosity. On the other side of the scale, trying its best to take command of the situation, is my lamentably limited budget. It's always a struggle to make the two sides meet. Unfortunately, my expensive tastes and generous sensibilities don't always acquiesce with my bank account.

The winter holidays have always presented me with the greatest and most stressful gift giving challenges. There are always so many loved ones to buy for. There are always so many different feelings, ages, and personalities to take into consideration. The task requires much thought, time, planning, and money. Not to mention the crowded and chaotic malls filled to capacity with throngs of people who are just as frenzied and flustered as me.

But recently, everything changed.....

About three years ago I found the answer to all of my holiday gift giving hardships-Cupcake Junkie's Christmas Cookie Tins. From the traditional sugar and gingerbread cookies to Cupcake Junkie's holiday inspired chocolate snowballs and candy cane shortbread, these cookie tins include everyone's favourite holiday sweet treats, making them the perfect gift for everyone on my shopping list.

Cupcake Junkie offers two affordable tin sizes. The small tin, containing 23 assorted pieces, is priced at $25, and the large tin contains a selection of 45 cookies and is priced at $50. And Cupcake Junkie even delivers.

Convenient, cost-friendly, and sinfully delectable, Cupcake Junkie's Christmas Cookie Tins are the ultimate holiday offering for both the giver and the lucky receiver.

Can someone please buy one for me?????






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