Food Allergy Frustration

Growing up in the 1970's and 80's with food allergies wasn't easy. Society had yet to develop the awareness and consideration of food analphylaxis that it possesses today. Back then, it was up to the individual, both child and adult, to advocate for oneself and to avoid his/her allergens.

I found out the hard way that sesame, in any form, and all nuts except peanuts (ironic, huh?), were like poison to my body. I learned quickly though-nothing like feeling violently ill to convince a person-that as long as I avoided these foods, my body would remain loyal and friendly. But in turn, I lived an extremely deprived existence.

No Big Macs or Whoppers for me. No hummus, macaroons, or coconut cream pie. And forget about Nutella. Cookies, cakes, and muffins were always a challenge because of their nut options. And I had to exercise extreme caution when eating at other people's homes and restaurants-especially those that served Chinese or Thai cuisines. Even boxes of chocolates became hazardous to my health. Rather than focusing on what I couldn't eat, I learned to love the foods that I could eat, and decided that I couldn't possibly miss what I'd never experienced.

And as time wore on society did become a lot more conscious and supportive of people with food allergies, so living with these restrictions became less of a struggle. And eventually, that struggle turned into what I like to call, "a creative eating plan". Whereas my friends could eat sushi as it was designed, I ordered mine without the sesame seeds. I openly shared my food allergies with servers in restaurants to make certain that what I ordered did not contain, nor was cross-contaminated by, any of my allergens. And most recently, I found a bakery called Cupcake Junkie, which provides customers like me with all of our favourite desserts, minus the analyphylatic shock.

Pecan-free butter tarts....carrot cupcakes without the walnuts.....nut-free brownies and blondies....macarons made without coconut or almond flour....The list of safe, delectable goodies is endless because Cupcake Junkie is a completely nut-free facility. I no longer have to settle on just one or two less-than-delicious dessert options because Cupcake Junkie strives to provide only the highest quality and variety of products to all of its customers-whether they're nut-free, gluten-free, vegan, or have no food restrictions at all. Cupcake Junkie works diligently to not only maintain this standard, but to also continously offer its customers new, original, and creative delicious dessert options.

My food allergies will never go away, and I will always need to exercise the utmost caution when choosing my menus. However, with a bakery like Cupcake Junkie in my life, I'll never have to live a deprived dessert existence ever again.






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