Happiness is......Cupcake Junkie

Life is hard-there's no doubt about that. Work, spouse, children, home, friends, money-there's always a challenge to face; an obstacle to overcome. Day after day we toil diligently at being the best we can be in all aspects of our lives. We tough it out when faced with adversity, and try our best to remain hopeful that tomorrow will be a brighter day. It's challenging and draining, but nonetheless, we persevere.

And when balance and calmness finally seem to be restored in our lives, we appreciate that welcome reprieve by celebrating it. A movie, a concert, a meal at a favourite restaurant, a bottle of something highly alcoholic are all extremely popular and effective options. I, on the other hand, choose a different form of celebration.

When life has been particularly harsh, and I feel even more deserving of a laudatory indulgence than usual, I turn to Cupcake Junkie. Cupcakes, cookies, tarts, cheesecake, Tiramisu, brownies, blondies-it doesn't matter. All of Cupcake Junkie's Signature Desserts are worthy of my attention, and in turn, capable of satisfying my formidable needs.

Every decadent Cupcake Junkie mouthful works magic, making me instantly feel happy and replete. And in turn, each enjoyable bite is a tangible reminder that life CAN feel good. Chunks of rich chocolate, brown sugar, creamy butter, pure vanilla bean-individually, are all just ingredients. But combined together, they become Cupcake Junkie's secret to happiness. And in a world as demanding as ours, we can use all of the Cupcake Junkie happiness we can get!!






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