Fighting Over Cupcake Junkie

Most parents and their teenage children argue about important issues like curfew, allowance, clothing....basically anything that has to do with adolescent independence and autonomy. But not me and my fifteen year old son. We argue over who gets to eat the Cupcake Junkie cookies.

Being the wife and son of a Cupcake Junkie owner has its definite benefits...the most obvious...being the recipients of product samples. In most cases, due to our personal preferences, my son and I are able to handle the distribution of goods fairly and amicably. But when it comes to Cupcake Junkie's cookies, all rules of propriety are immediately forgotten.

We're certainly not proud of our actions, but desperate times call for desperate measures. The list of our infractions includes, but is not limited to-lying, distracting, manipulating, exploiting, deceiving, chasing, and hiding. When it comes to those sweet, sugary, melt-in-your-mouth treats, we've said and done whatever was necessary to outsmart the other and claim the cookie bounty for ourself.

Whether it's chocolate chip, sugar, butter, or a specialty/themed cookie, the outcome is always the same. As much as I love my son, and he loves me, our love for Cupcake Junkie's cookies will always prevail.






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