What's Your Favourite...?

"What's your favourite...?" is a time-honoured question that can apply to literally thousands of different inquiries...Favourite colour, movie, book, dessert...the possibilities are endless. And we all have our preferences.

But when it comes to Cupcake Junkie's desserts, it's hard to pick just one favourite from the many decadent confections that they offer. So instead, I've narrowed it down to my top two Cupcake Junkie favourites.

Let's start with Cupcake Junkie's Carrot Cupcake. Carrot? Really?... Absolutely! Cupcake Junkie's Carrot Cupcake defies every ideal and experience you've ever had before with a carrot-themed baked good. An extremely moist carrot-infused cake is perfectly bathed in a subtly sweet cream cheese icing that simply melts in your mouth. The combination of raisins and pieces of fresh carrot incorporated into the batter adds an extra hint of sweetness and texture that makes Cupcake Junkie's Carrot Cupcake a unique and heavenly treat.

And then there's Cupcake Junkie's scrumptious Butter Tart. Their signature shortbread recipe creates a flaky, buttery cup that is replete with a generous mound of ooey-gooey, brown sugar and raisin laced filling. And it's the fusion of these two complimentary components that makes Cupcake Junkie's Butter Tart the standard by which all other butter tarts should be measured.

I said it before, and I'll say it again-choosing just one favourite dessert is a truly impossible task when there are so many delectable treats available at Cupcake Junkie. From cupcakes to cookies, from brownies to blondies...there's definitely a favourite...or two... for everyone.

What's your favourite Cupcake Junkie dessert? Bet you can't pick just one!!






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