Chocolate Chip Cookie Craze!

What makes a chocolate chip cookie the best you've ever tasted? Is it the high quality chocolate? The dark brown sugar? The real vanilla bean? Or is it the way in which the cookie is baked; the precise timing in the oven producing a soft, gooey, melt-in-your-mouth sweet fantasy?

No matter what you think you know about the best chocolate chip cookies, you can not stand firm until you've sampled one of Cupcake Junkie's signature chocolate chip cookies-because until you do-you just don't know!!

Is it the high quality chocolate that Cupcake Junkie uses? Yes, it is! Is it the dark brown sugar skillfully incorporated into their batter? Yes, it is! Is it their use of pure vanilla bean extract? Why yes, it is! And it's also a precise baking time combined with a number of other Cupcake Junkie special secrets that makes their chocolate chip cookies like none you've ever tasted before.

And the dessert Nirvana doesn't end there. Cupcake Junkie offers a variety of delectable chocolate chip cookie themed treats. Cupcake Junkie has innovatively answered the cookie dough question by creating their own No Bake Cookie Dough Balls that are completely safe to eat, yet are simply to die for.

Cupcake Junkie also offers a made-to-order ice cream sandwich. Choose your favourite Kawartha Dairy ice cream flavour and they'll heap it between two large, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies to create the ultimate ice cream sandwich. And if that weren't enough, Cupcake Junkie offers Jessica's Delights-two large, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies joined in dessert decadence by a generous dollop of their signature buttercream frosting.

Treat yourself to any, or all, of Cupcake Junkie's signature chocolate chip inspired desserts-your mouth will thank you!!






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