The Secret to Our Success

When running a business an owner can easily become overwhelmed by all of the moving parts that comprise the beast, and in turn, unintentionally neglect the details. At Cupcake Junkie we strive to tame the beast by simplifying all of the many details into four basic principals. These tenants are all of equal importance to our business’ success.

1. Safety-The safety of both our employees and our customers is paramount.

2. Cleanliness-Our workspace and entire shop is held to the highest standards.

3. Quality-The quality of the ingredients we use and the products we produce is never compromised.

4. Service-Each and every customer that walks into Cupcake Junkie is treated as though they are an important guest in our home.

The culmination of these four simple, yet fundamental principals is our success!!

404 Brock Street South

Whitby, ON L1N 4K6

Ontario, Canada






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