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At Cupcake Junkie we strive to innovate; and to create cupcakes that push the boundaries of tradition. We have taken the traditional cupcake concept and mixed it with a whole lot of Cupcake Junkie magic to create many unique signature products. In addition to the dozens of cupcake flavours available on any given day, Cupcake Junkie also offers a variety of cheesecakes that are simply, to die for. Cupcake Junkie also values the business of its specialty customers and has created both a gluten free brownie and a vegan blondie that are so irresistible, they're constantly requested by our non-gluten free and non-vegan customers. Cupcake Junkie has also created a cinnamon pop-over---our unique version of the traditional cinnamon bun---and a Tiramisu dessert that is so insanely good, we named it 'Better Than Tiramisu'. As with our cheesecakes, the cinnamon pop-over, brownie, blondie and Tiramisu reflect Cupcake Junkie's innovating spirit and are shaped just like our cupcakes, convieniently fitting into our custom carry out boxes. Cupcake Junkie works diligently to provide its customers with a large and exciting selection of high quality products that are baked fresh each and every day.






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