Fudge and Brittle






Fudge & Brittle 170g

Fudge and brittle combo contains a combined 170 grams of Sea Salt caramel fudge (No Gluten), Cookies and Cream fudge (No Gluten) and Pumpkin Seed Brittle (No Gluten).

Junkie Crunch 170g

Junkie Crunch (No Gluten) is a chocolate and caramel cracker crunch made with home made Madagascar vanilla bean extract.

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* All Kawartha Dairy ice cream comes from their one production facility which produces products containing nuts as well as those which do not. They make many flavours that do not contain nuts, but they cannot 100% guarantee an absolutely nut-free status of any product. Although they take extreme care to clean and sanitize their plant between batches and at the end of the day, there always is a possibility that non-nut flavours can come in contact with nuts. They therefore cannot make any “nut free” claims for any of their ice cream products.